Tomari Quartz stream                                                                Quartz cluster being half washed out of the soil

       石英  クォ                         石英中の土壌



        Drusy Quartz with Limonite coating                                 Amethyst phantoms in Quartz                          Crystal cluster with Limonite coating

リモナイトクォーツ              アメジスト               リモナイトクォーツ





       Amethyst cluster                                                                  Epidote in cavity                                                                Lavender Quartz

            アメジスト                          緑簾石                    ラベンダー石英


   Lavender Quartz



                            Drusy Quartz                                          Lavender Quartz with rectangular geode              Cactus Quartz cluster in Quartz geode

   石英                 ラベンダー石英       サボテン水晶


Markasite on clear Needle Quartz                                      Candle Quartz cluster

         黄鉄鉱石英             キャンドル石英

The large pocket in the rocks just above the water

A  thick Limonite crust                                   Minor pockets with shiny Pyrite Pyramids and Octahedrons on Quartz

              Clear Quartz cluster  with Pyrite inclusions                                                        Shiny Pyrite crystals in Quartz

Large etched Pyrite crystals travers a landscaspe of layered Candle Quartz crystals -Milk quartz bottom, lavender to rosequartz second layer, milky quartz third layer and clear quartz as top layer and Pyrite crystals embedde in the Quartz !

Twenty centimeter tall Candle Quartz column on Pyrite rock matrix