Furubira Agate quarry


Lush summer morning  at the crystal hunting ground


Amethyst geode in matrix                           Calcite in geode with stalactitic chalcedony                                            Blue chalcedony

行列のアメジストジオード      鍾乳石チャルセドニーと方解石ジオード   ブルーカルセドニー



Calcite on Dolomite                                                                                                       Calcite cross in Quartz geode

                                           方解石                         石英中の方解石のクロスジオード

...same flood occurred here,too...and there  was a waterfall !


A 12 kg blue-green Agate nodule  that was washed up !




Furubira waterfall



Just one and a half hours walk away from the Agate quarry is a stunning waterfall, which I had difficulties to photograph.

This 10 cm specimen of  Blue Chalcedony was ontop of a small mudslide on the way to the water-fall.

very fresh bear tracks .....!s