Tributary to Imakane river with eventually x-tra large pieces of Agate and Carnelian,..., but also with very large bear prints(I passed this point half an hour before and there weren't any tracks yet...! Note the size of my boot-print in the center left compared to the paw size...!)

                                                                               熊 足跡


Chalcedony variety Carnelian 5 cm long                               Ice-age post-fossil shells                                                                  Large 6 kg Carnelian rock

カーネリアン                         氷河期化石                    6 kg カーネリアン


Hematite nuggets up to two kg                             Snake sunbathing next to river                                            Bluegreen Agate crust


Knife carved from Imakane Agate by Japanese crystal cutting master(Contact details here:)

出刃 マスタによって彫刻 (北林 竹二プロフィール連絡先の詳細)