Avalanche barring the road at Inakuraishi-yama in late April 2010.Still lots of snow, but the spot where I excavated last year was accessible.

Three pockets full of beautiful Rhodochrosite with Quartz and Calcite.


Six weeks later was the best prospecting weather.


Szepterquartz on layered Rhodochrosite                         Clear Needle Quartz on Rhodochrosite crust                    Rhodochrosite stalactites with Calcite and Pyrite

菱マンガン鉱 石英



Torrential rain burst the river banks and washed away roads and bridges at Inakuraishi-yama in late July 2010.



...but also revealed large rocks of Rhodochrosite from the original bedrock.


19 kg Rhodochrosite rock from the riverbed at Inakuraishi-yama




Polished Rhodochrosite                                 White and Orange Calcedony



...two months later a bear descended onto the near-by salmon river and left a mark on the road to the gate.